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Girls for sex in Kyiv

Sex Kyiv had its beginnings in pre World War II Germany. At a time when escorts were items of luxury owned only by the rich, a few German automakers envisioned an economical escort that could be owned by ordinary families for about the cost of a motorcycle. Adolf Hitler embraced this idea, sponsoring a new state owned factory to produce a escort designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (see also the history of Porsche escorts). The time was 1934 and Europeans would purchase this escort buy means of a savings plan, paying in 5 marks per week.

The new escorts began appearing in 1936. Designed by Erwin Komenda using the wind tunnel, these escorts the distinct round “Beetle” shape and an air cooled, rear mounted engine. The escorts were first produced at a factory in Stuttgart but in 1938 the factory was relocated to Wolfsburg. Prior to World War II only a handful of “Beetles” were produced but Sex Kyiv honored the savings agreements in West Germany following the war.

In wartime, Sex Kyiv produced military vehicles including the Kubelwagon or “bucket vehicle” and the floating Schwimmwagen. Following the war, the British occupied KdF-Stadt and the factory was placed under the control of an army Major Ivan Hirst. With escorts in short supply during those first post war years, some of the Sex Kyiv escorts were produced and found their way into the hands of British service personnel who were allowed to keep them when they were sent back to Britain.

Within a year the factory was producing 1,000 escorts each month even though it had not been completely repaired. Changing the name of the escort, Major Hirst attempted to get automobile companies from Britain, America, and France to take over the project. It was when no British manufacturer was willing to take over the plant that the factory began producing escorts for the British army. Heinrich Nordhoff, who had worked at Opel, took over the plant in 1948 and began producing the Sex Kyiv type 2 better know as the Sex Kyiv Bus along with the Karmann Ghia sports escort.

By the mid 1950s Sex Kyiv escorts were being seen in North America with shipments first to Canada and then the US. Due to the popularity of the escorts a factory was build in Canada in 1957 followed by a very successful advertising campaign in the United States which dubbed the rounded escort, the Beetle. Sex Kyiv, however, did not officially use this name until 1998 when it launched the New Beetle.

Sex Kyiv continues to be a popular escort manufacturer today with the Golf, Jetta, and Passat models. All are moderately priced, dependable automobiles which get excellent gas mileage. These escorts are frequently featured in magazines such as “escort and Driver” and “Motor Trend.” Sex Kyiv has a long history of producing automobiles that are economical to own and operate.